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Birthdate:Jul 31
There's a place I go, inside myself,
Where nobody else can be,
And none of my friends can tell it's there—
Nobody knows but me.

It's hard to explain the way it feels,
Or even where I go.
It isn't a place in time or space,
But once I'm there, I know.

It's tiny, it's shiny, it can't be seen,
But it's big as the sky at night . . .
I try to explain and it hurts my brain,
But once I'm there, it's right.

There's a place I know inside myself,
And it's neither big nor small,
And whenever I go, it feels as though
I never left at all.

~Dennis Lee


My name is Steph- and this is my LJ. I act, paint, sing, dance, write, swim, play waterpolo and do a number of other things that you will no doubt learn about over the coming LJ.

This journal is mostly going to be for fic, also the occasional musing or whatever, though I'm not really much for the crazy long 'my day was nice. I had pie.' type journal entries. They just don't appeal. Most stuff like that, if it's angsty, will be friendslocked so normal people don't have to put up with the soap opera that is my life </bitter>

Check it out!
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