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Because after a few long months of having Satan play mindgames with you, even the nicest of Frostlings is allowed a little revenge. Future fic instigated by Write and I joking about Jack wanting to get Belial good and drunk at one point, just to show him what it's like.


Satan's worst/first Hangover.
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Apr. 18th, 2006 06:37 pm
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I play this game all the time in drama. God Bless Tom Stoppard for writing out the crack.

ROS: We could play at questions.
GUIL: What good would that do?
ROS: Practice!
GUIL: Statement! One-love.
ROS: Cheating!
GUIL: How?
ROS: I hadn't started yet.
GUIL: Statement. Two-love.
ROS: Are you counting that?
GUIL: What?
ROS: Are you counting that?
GUIL: Foul! No repetitions. Three-love. First game to...
ROS: I'm not going to play if you're going to be like that.
GUIL: Whose serve?
ROS: Hah?
GUIL: Foul! No grunts. Love-one.
ROS: Whose go?
GUIL: Why?
ROS: Why not?
GUIL: What for?
ROS: Foul! No synonyms! One-all.
GUIL: What in God's name is going all?
ROS: Foul! No rhetoric. Two-one.
GUIL: What does it all add up to?
ROS: Can't you guess?
GUIL: Were you addressing me?
ROS: Is there anyone else?
GUIL: Who?
ROS: How would I know?
GUIL: Why do you ask?
ROS: Are you serious?
GUIL: Was that rhetoric?
ROS: No.
GUIL: Statement! Two-all. Game point.
ROS: What's the matter with you today?
GUIL: When?
ROS: What?
GUIL: Are you deaf?
ROS: Am I dead?
GUIL: Yes or no?
ROS: Is there a choice?
GUIL: Is there a God?
ROS: Foul! No non sequiturs, three-two, one game all.
GUIL: What's your name?
ROS: What's yours?
GUIL: I asked you first.
ROS: Statement. One-love.
GUIL: What's your name when you're at home?
ROS: What's yours?
GUIL: When I'm at home?
ROS: Is it different at home?
GUIL: What home?
ROS: Haven't you got one?
GUIL: Why do you ask?
ROS: What are you driving at?
GUIL: What's your name?!
ROS: Repetition. Two-love. Match point to me.
ROS: Rhetoric! Game and match! (Pause.) Where's it going to end?
GUIL: That's the question.
ROS: It's all questions.
GUIL: Do you think it matters?
ROS: Doesn't it matter to you?
GUIL: Why should it matter?
ROS: What does it matter why?
GUIL (teasing gently): Doesn't it matter why it matters?
ROS (rounding on him): What's the matter with you?
GUIL: It doesn't matter.
ROS (voice in the wilderness): ... What's the game?
GUIL: What are the rules?
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And, for a change of pace, a Ramon/Sands fic. BLAME WRITE IT WAS HER NOT ME OMG I'M INNOCENT.


A Debate.
Rated PG-15 ish
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Weirdest thing happened today.

Ever read a book thinking you know the story? Like, you read Romeo and Juliet, and you know they're going to die?

Well, this time around I was reading 'Streetcar Named Desire' and I went through the entire thing absolutely CERTAIN about what would happen next. But no. The ending comes and goes, there's a brutal rape, and I'm left there all 'WHEN DID THE GUY GET RUN OVER?'

I mean, you write a play about a streetcar, you've GOT to have it hit someone. I was actually looking forwards to it. I thought it would be Stanley. And it was like 'yay' because the guy's a total bastard and deserved it.

It would have been nice, you know? Poetically just. The car that brought Blanche into his life sends him out of it. He kinda had it coming.


Dissappointing as fuck.
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Never read poetry when you're tired.

Otherwise the line 'as a termagant, as a wanton' becomes;

'as a ptarmigan, asn a won-ton'

And then your brain melts.
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Stee you are gonna be an awesome writer
Me, I wish I was a little bit brighter
Random is the prince of Amber
I think he likes to play the tambour-
ine. That was a stupid rhyme I know
but cut me some slack before I go
to sleep because I am so tired
I need some sleep, food, and to be hired
I want a job; I have no money.
(That line was random and quite funny)
So there it is it took 5 minutes
To wite this rhyming reply... I am nuts!!

Cheers (with beers),

~ Erika (America)


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