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La Malade Imaginaire. What to say?

Well, for one thing, I have never clapped so loud in my LIFE. Even the dancing from Cameroon thing didn’t compare, and that was all about making a beat. Man. If I hadn’t been in essentially the nose bleed section of the theatre I would have leapt to my feet so fast no one’d know what hit them. But if I had I might have toppled off the edge of the balcony and landed on someone, which is just never good.

The star of the show was definitely Toinette, for sheer sauciness and spunk. The Columbina of Commedia, and an absolute gem of an actress, she practically made the production. Argan was something else too.

Beline had the whole LOOK! BREASTS!!!!! Type neckline thing happening. Oh my god, the was so much cleavage I’d be scared I’d block my nose and suffocate. They played it well, though. Not a single male character in the play (‘cept Cleante) ever looked above her throat.

Cleante was an absolute dish. Curly brown hair and a slim build and a whole bunch of leaping about and wow. Attractive also was the male fawn (wtf?) who wore little to no clothing and had a loincloth type thing going (secured in the front, not in the back) and who leapt about balletically. That there was one confident man.

The set was elegant, very Italian which was cool to see with the commedia roots. There was a weird amount of African type drumming, and two random, half unclothed fawns (again, wtf?) who seemed to have rather a lot of fun gamboling.

But in all, I loved it! Eight pairs of Tom Cruise’s tighty whities.


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