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Jack's anxiety put down in a letter he'll never send.

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Because after a few long months of having Satan play mindgames with you, even the nicest of Frostlings is allowed a little revenge. Future fic instigated by Write and I joking about Jack wanting to get Belial good and drunk at one point, just to show him what it's like.


Satan's worst/first Hangover.
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How Random became one of the only male Amberites not to go slipping into his sisters bed. Or just sister, period. Rated R for the pain that is Amber's incestuous royal family.

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Dworkin and a bit of mindfuckery with Ramon. NC-17 easy, though there's not much sexual until the very end and that's just R. The rating is because Dworkin is the scarriest bastard to walk the earth, needs to be locked up, and just isn't really people safe. At all.

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Apr. 27th, 2006 07:17 pm
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This is like, a double meme.


Concrit. Stop by if you think I'm doing anything wrong you've wanted to talk to me about for pointed_spoon, _to_the_bone, underwater_owl or not_a_wizard.

If you're rational/nice about it I might even listen!


The Question Game. Any question, personal, happy, embarassing, sexual, pointless, whatever. Comments screened and anony-enabled so no need to be embarassed.

This is how painfully bored I am.

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Breaky. Scary. R. Written right after reading the scenes with Rinaldo-Merlin and then watching Dead Man which put me in a bizarre headspace. Warnings for consumption of human beings and other such fucked up hallucinations.

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Based on a canon incident I discovered during a rereading and couldn't get out of my head.

's a bit sad, really.

Like, a lot, fine.

Rate it pg-15 for trauma to trusting seventeen year old Random.

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Dworkin and Satan
R for violence/disturbing/Dworkin the fucking psychopath.
This is never going to happen. Ever. Because I have a soft spot for poor Stan and don't want him to go away. But it needed to be ficced to get Dworkin's headvoice to stop being crazy-loud.
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Suddenly, a large mechanical claw fell from the ceilling, closly folled by a three foot tall white furred rat, missing an arm. The rat had an intricate mask of bronze and steel. Quickly the rat grabbed the claw and leaped into a corner. He reatached the arm and looked around. He walked up to the bar and in a rasping voice said:

"Do you have-have any te... tequ... tequila."
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The Epic-
A Speculative Fic that grew and grew and grew.

I'm not totally happy with this. For one thing, it's all Random's perspective so through his eyes the character of the lovely Vialle is completely distorted. Into something dark. And I don't really care for her very much.

But I'll keep picking at it and see.

Overall rating is soft R:
Wordcount: 7,262 words

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Martin and Elshian.
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Jack and Belial.
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Fiona and Mary Anne and a post-sex conversation.
My first remotely femmeslashish thing ever. I still say Write is an enabler.

Like a Queen.
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More Fic

Mar. 26th, 2006 07:56 pm
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A Lazy Morning

Lalala GODDAMNED ENABLERS *shakes fist.*
I'm going to the Special Hell.

Soft R.
Read on.
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And, for a change of pace, a Ramon/Sands fic. BLAME WRITE IT WAS HER NOT ME OMG I'M INNOCENT.


A Debate.
Rated PG-15 ish
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Mwahahaha. I officially have a FULL SET of pups.
Behind the cut follows ramblings, musings and oddness of a slightly disturbing nature. Because there is Jack, Frost, Satan, Mercutio, Jack/Mercutio, Jack/Satan, Jack/Frost, Satan/Mercutio (BUT NOT REALLY) Random/Ramon, Dworkin/Unicorn and all sorts of other lovely things that I needed to write down and sort out in my head.

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Feb. 11th, 2006 05:40 pm
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Random, and his perspective on Ramon in fifty sentences.

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Jack and Belial get a visitor
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